Be the owner

Purchase or sale, the transfer of ownership of a yacht is a delicate matter. It requires efficiency, confidentiality and a relationship of trust. Τhe owner's utmost benefit is always the basic consideration.

According to Plato, everyone has a perfect match. If you are looking for a yacht to perfectly match your requirements, our brokerage team will search the world for it. And when it is found, it will provide you with the technical, legal and financial support necessary for you to acquire it.

Τhe sale of a yacht is dealt with as responsibly as its acquisition. All available resources are utilized in order to achieve the optimum: a quick, discreet and satisfactory conclusion. The owner may appoint us as central agent. In this case we will be pleased to offer its complete line of services including condition survey report, evaluation, listing in international websites, participation in yacht shows, financing and much more.

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