A matter of smooth operation

Yacht ownership guides you to take the next step towards a meticulous search for professionals for its management. Such an operation requires a high standard of expertise, skill, as well as technical knowledge. High quality management of a yacht by a team of skilled professionals will ensure that your valuable asset remains in superior condition while in operation, retaining its value at the same time. We also provide other major benefits that include significant discounts for inventory and services, identification of potential problems and peace of mind for the owners provided that our managing company takes on many of the associated responsibilities. Yacht management leaves the helm to us and allows you to take delight in the pleasures of your asset.


Yacht Operations Management

Maintaining the owner’s asset in accordance to his wishes is part of our day-to-day business. The Operations Department handles mooring (berthing), provisioning, agency services, marine insurance and travel arrangement that of which are all in compliance with legal and environmental regulations. The Operations Department is also responsible for flag administration and annual class surveys. Meeting safety requirements and protecting the environment are key issues that are very highly regarded by the team.

Yacht Technical Support

Our world-class technical team consists of highly experienced naval architects, marine engineers and captains. The team is involved in an array of activities that include supervision, upgrading, refurbishing, major refits and building of projects. We strive to look at technologies that we think will fuel the yachting industry.


Relax and let our team of specialists do the work for you. Discovering the right captain and crew is invaluable. They will ensure that your property remains in perfect condition and that you enjoy every moment spent on board. Additionally, they are responsible for maintaining a safe and orderly deck so that you don’t have to.

Crewing requires the skillful management of personalities, talents and budgets. The crewing department consists of two divisions:


The Placement Department ensures that the preferences of the owner are combined with the use of the yacht. We take into consideration the importance of personalization to suit every preference. Our extensive and comprehensive database of registered yacht crew members offer you a wide selection of candidates to choose from. Furthermore, our familiarization with each of the candidates over the years, provides us with a deep-rooted understanding of the potential crew, beyond what is written in their profile.

Atalanta Marine’s Placement Department employs the best head hunting team in the Eastern Mediterranean region and its talent in recruitment is worth relying on.


The Training Department has been incorporated into our organization as we consider on-going education to be of vital importance to its success. We specialize in hospitality, in accordance with the Alain Ducasse Institute (Culinary Arts) and American Yacht Institute. The diligence to details has a meaningful impact on board, as yachts can be compared to that of the best luxury boutique hotels. All seminars are conducted on our private premises or other establishments, if necessary. We recruit the best Greek and foreign teachers to administer each training.



Based on our in-depth knowledge of the market, purchase potential and volume, we are able to attain the utmost competitive prices for both materials and services combined with punctual and dependable delivery. Moreover, matters that may appear difficult to the owner or captain are handled seamlessly by our procurement department. Additionally, by developing a reliable and solid network of suppliers, we can also guarantee their quality, prices and delivery competency. Therefore, as we continue the evaluation of the yacht’s suppliers and contractors, we have managed to maintain the yacht’s overall expenses within budget.

Procurement tasks include:

  • Bunkering
  • Provisioning
  • Refurbishment
  • Catering

Financial Management

  • Accounting and Bookkeeping
  • Cash-flow Management
  • Budget (Quarterly & Annual)
  • Monthly Reports
  • Cash-flow Statements
  • Income Tax Statements
  • Payroll Balance Sheets
  • Customer consultation for financial and income tax issues
  • Data collection for distribution to various departments for approval along with support for payment options, contractual agreements, etc.
  • Monitoring of fee collection compliance charter agreement